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5000 TENGE OF 2011



Denomination: 5000 tenge
Size (mm): 144 х 76
Year of issue: 2011.
Front side main images:
– “Kazak Eli” monument, images of flying pigeons and irbises;
– upper part shows the state symbols of the Republic of Kazakhstan: National Emblem and National Flag;
– face value in digits at the bottom and top left, face value literally in Kazakh in the bottom;
– inscription «ҚАЗАҚСТАН ҰЛТТЫҚ БАНКІ» placed in the top left.
– Predominant colour is red.
Back side main image:
– an outline map of Kazakhstan;
– The top of the Independence Monument and Kazakhstan hotel in Almaty in the foreground, and Zailiyskiy Alatau mountains in the background;
– holographic strip with images of apples and doves in the right side;
– The value numeral shown both on the lower left corner and upper right corner;
– face value in Russian shown in the middle of the lower half of the banknote;
– inscription «ҚАЗАҚСТАН ҰЛТТЫҚ БАНКІ» and issuing bank’s logo in the middle upper side of
the banknote.
Watermark: Image of the mythic «Samruk» bird and electrotype: 5000
Materials: Paper:
– 100% pure cotton with watermark.
Security threads:
– machine-readable thread embedded in the paper MRT-B/M of 0.75 mm width;
– windowed thread with the text «5000» and symbol tenge;
– holographic strip of 14 mm width with images of bird, apple and denomination.

Security feature «Spark®» — located in the front side bottom center of the banknote, as an image of Snow leopard wing, with the face value of «5000», printed in double curing ink with optically variable properties, colour changes from green to gold when viewed from different angles.
Iridescent element:
– strip image of Snow leopard, made by dual curing iridescent ink.


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