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200 TENGE OF 2006


Designation: Baiterek
Denomination: 200 tenge
Size (mm): 126x64
Year of issue: 2006.
Front side main images:
– Astana-Baiterek monument in the center of the banknote;
– Fragment of music of Kazakhstan National Anthem printed in white on blue, brown and green
stripes and there is the white outline of the value numeral over;
– Kazakhstan National Emblem printed to the left of Baiterek monument;
– Kazakhstan National Flag is in the top right of the banknote;
– Open hand is on the lower half of the banknote;
– Face value in Kazakh script shown vertically in the lower right corner;
– The inscription «ҚАЗАҚСТАН ҰЛТТЫҚ БАНКІ» under Kazakhstan National Anthem;
– Predominant colours — orange and green;
Back side main images:
– outline map of Kazakhstan;
– In the foreground is the building of the Ministry of Transport and Communication of the Republic of Kazakhstan and a winged snow leopard on the bridge over the river Ishim in the capital Astana;
– building of the Ministry of Defense of the Republic of Kazakhstan and the steppes in the background;
– The value numeral shown both in the lower left corner and upper right corner;
– Face value in Russian script shown in the middle of the lower half of the banknote;
– inscription «ҚАЗАҚСТАН ҰЛТТЫҚ БАНКІ» and the bank’s logo in the middle of the upper half
of the banknote.
Watermark: Image of «Snow Leopard» head and electrotype: 200 and a deer.
Materials: Paper:
– 100% pure cotton with watermark.
Security threads:
– machine-readable thread embedded in the paper MRT-B/M 0.75 mm width;
– windowed thread of 2 mm width with text «Аlmaty 200».

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