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1 000 tenge 1994 y



Designation: Al-Farabi
Denomination: 1000 tenge
Size (mm): 144х69
Year of issue: Issued in 1994.
Front side:
– predominant colours — green and blue;
– value numeral of denomination in the lower left corner;
– denomination, in figures and text, beneath the denomination is the signature of the Governor of the National Bank of Kazakhstan and banknote issue year in the center of the banknote;
– portrait of the great philosopher and thinker of the East, Al-Farabi, his name and date of birth
and death in the right side of the banknote;
– ornamental rosette in the right bottom of the portrait;
– ornamental pattern, previously printed in metallic ink in the left top part;
– seven figures printed with two-letter prefix in the left side horizontally and in the right side vertically of the portrait;
Back side:
– fragment of Khodja Ahmed Yassavi’s mausoleum in the left part.
Watermark: Portrait of Al-Farabi
Materials: Paper:
– 100% pure cotton with watermark.
Security threads:
– machine-readable thread embedded in the paper MRT-B/M 0.75 mm width;
– windowed security thread, overflowing onto the surface of the paper as a dotted line of 2 mm

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